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Block Chain Technology an Introduction

What is Block Chain Technology ?As per a Developers : It is a set of protocols and encryption techniques to store data securely over  distributed network. It works like a Digital Ledger over a  distributed network. Data stored in it is temper proof and immutable.
As per Technology : It is a driving force which will lead us to develop next generation of Internet i.e. Web 3.0/Decentralized web.
Others : It is a tool for decentralized world to remove the deficiencies in our traditional system. 
It will create trust between parties
HistoryIn year 1991 a group of researchers brought Digital Time Stamps as Block chain concept. 
It was brought to reality by "Satoshi Nakamoto" in year 2009 in the form a digital cryptocurrency named "Bitcoin". 
In later 2013 Ethereum was proposed by a cryptocurrecy researcher and a programmer named  "Vitalik Buterin".
Areas of Use- Block chain technology's version 1.0 was used to develop Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a p…
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Website Development

Working in website development not only means constantly learning new languages and knowing when to use them, but, it also means learning more about marketing, requirements gathering and human-computer interaction. Website development has transitioned from simple HTML-driven sites to fully interactive informational and ecommerce portals. HTML5, jQuery and node.js didn’t even exist a few years ago. Now they are a part of every project I do. It has always been my goal to share web programming tutorials and offer suggestions on proper web design here on Web Development Blog. You’ll find articles on eCommerce Solutions, Google Services, jQuery Code, PHP Scripts and a variety of other topics. What you’ll find in this section are conversations and ideas on website development that do not easily fit in one of the existing categories. We’ll talk about website design as a whole, website development tools, usability and running a website development company. As new technologies and programming la…

IFC Tool with KPMG - A success story in itself

KPMG approached us to help them by providing a tool which control their internal finance. An automated solution for new requirements of  the Indian Companies Act around Internal Financial Controls (IFC). A tool Which would be user friendly and easily adoptable at all levels of an  organisation.

This was a big Challenge before us at that time of prepare that kind of tool for such a big and reputed service company. But without taking risk no one can get success. So, we decided to  build that tool for KPMG and help them. After multiple rounds of deliberations and considering dynamic factors like Law, Industry, geographies, processes and people, we developed the IFC Tool.

Using high end technologies, we are able to eliminate the biggest cost of any IT Tool i.e. Licensing. Meaning, there is no user or location count wise cost in this Tool. After procurement, our clients can add as many users, locations, processes and controls to the database without any technical support.

This user friend…

Plasma Diet Fitness Mobile App

If you want to lose weight fast then join Plasma Diet fitness program mobile App today. Download out plasma diet Mobile App and take the 30 day challenge for free.

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Max Smart Pocket Tracker

Max Smart Pocketis a simple tool to help you manage your transactions, with the option to add Categories, you can see on what you're spending your money. Keep your wallet under control with Personal Wallet Manager by viewing on what you spent money and when you did it, you can also put transactions in the future, so you will be able to see how much you have and how much you still have to pay The application will display a detailed usage history as well as tally up daily and total expense and income. This is a good alternative for the paper and pen or memo way of tallying expenses.

It keeps track of the funds in your wallet. You can input your income and expenses as they come by
Transaction Report can be export to pdf and share via email
Quick transactions report
Easy access to all your spending
Quick and easy interface
-Max Smart Pocket runs smoothly on any Android phone without the need of Internet connection. This Application is completely offline

Max Spell Magic play & spell

Max Spell Magic play & spell Educational Game For Everyone.

Here are some important Key Features
1. Default list of randomly selected words for practice
2. Levels based on word length to encourage learning
3. Simple interface to add words manually for advanced learners
4. 5 attempts to spell the word.
5. can help in spellbee practicing for students

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Anthem Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Website Graphics Designs

Anthem Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Website Graphics Designs.