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Eye4u Business Around You Find Local Businesses

Look up local businesses on your online Android device through Eye4U application.This application will allow you to search anything within categories and helps to easily locate local businesses/services on Google map and show you the navigation directions to reach at Selectedlocation.

Rounding time to nearest five minutes - SQL Server

We recently came across a small problem of rounding time to nearest five minutes, so in simple terms 10:41~10:42 becomes 10:40 and 10:43~10:44 becomes 10:45 and so on, and when time is 10:40 or 10:45 no change has to happen in the time result.

We came up with the script below to solve our issue, its a short SQL Server script that took care of things, we would like to share this with you. 

declare @Time datetime select @time = SYSDATETIME() Declare @RoundFactor Int Select @RoundFactor= DATEPART(minute, @Time)% 5 -- Getting Mod of minutes and 5 If @RoundFactor>=3 -- Computing nearest rounding number BEGIN Select @RoundFactor = 5-@RoundFactor END ELSE BEGIN Select @RoundFactor= -DATEPART(minute, @Time)% 5 END

UCAB Taxi App Developed And Launched

UCAB Taxi design and developed by Anthem Infotech. United Cab Company is a reliable , safe, and affordable way to get around.

Android Application Development In Zirakpur

Anthem Infotech provides Android Application Development  in Zirakpur Cheack out  our developing apps