Tuesday 11 December 2012

Anthem SMS Secure Backup

Secure Your SMS Backup with just install Android application from your phone. Restore your sms backup with Anthem SMS secure Backup. Now secure you SMS with a backup & restore tool on android smart phones, Anthem SMS Secure app is available on google play.

Those days are gone when you were very conscience about your Sms Backup you were keep your SMS very safely into your inbox, once your messages deleted you cant do nothing. But now days time is change thanks to Anthem SMS secure application you just need to install and you can secure your SMS backup within moment.

SMS backup & restore tool Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Support restore, delete, view and delete backup.
  • 1-click operation
  • You can mail your all sms backup.
  • You can View your backup of
  • Anthem which you want to restore.
  • if you change your mobile then you can also restore all messages back on your mobile.
  • You can choose the location for store sms backup.
  • backup creates ".xml" file which You can move from one mobile to other mobile easily via SD card.
  • It will work offline.

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