Thursday 3 November 2016

Website Development

Working in website development not only means constantly learning new languages and knowing when to use them, but, it also means learning more about marketing, requirements gathering and human-computer interaction. Website development has transitioned from simple HTML-driven sites to fully interactive informational and ecommerce portals. HTML5, jQuery and node.js didn’t even exist a few years ago. Now they are a part of every project I do.
It has always been my goal to share web programming tutorials and offer suggestions on proper web design here on Web Development Blog. You’ll find articles on eCommerce Solutions, Google Services, jQuery Code, PHP Scripts and a variety of other topics.
What you’ll find in this section are conversations and ideas on website development that do not easily fit in one of the existing categories. We’ll talk about website design as a whole, website development tools, usability and running a website development company. As new technologies and programming languages emerge, we’ll talk about them here first.

Free Website development and Design Resources

There are a lot of free tools, graphics and web templates available on the Internet. We use this selection of resources from time to time.

  • Freeimages: the leading FREE stock photo site! They offer thousands of photo’s from any subject, without watermarks and most of them are in high resolution. Unlike on most other photo sites, it’s allowed to use many of them for free even on commercial sites.

  • Brands of the World: download vector logos and logotypes. It happens that you work on a project and you need a logo from some (bigger) brand for website or artwork. The image file you got is from bad quality and there is no one you can ask for a better version. Sounds familiar? Most of the times I found a vector version on Brands of the World and I was able to finish my work. Note, BotW is not a free clipart gallery, you need to ask the brand owner for permission before you can use a logo in your design.

  • offers a lot of web templates from great quality. Using one of them can help to jumpstart a website project. They don’t offer a .psd file for the images.

Thursday 1 September 2016

IFC Tool with KPMG - A success story in itself

KPMG approached us to help them by providing a tool which control their internal finance. An automated solution for new requirements of  the Indian Companies Act around Internal Financial Controls (IFC). A tool Which would be user friendly and easily adoptable at all levels of an  organisation.

This was a big Challenge before us at that time of prepare that kind of tool for such a big and reputed service company. But without taking risk no one can get success. So, we decided to  build that tool for KPMG and help them. After multiple rounds of deliberations and considering dynamic factors like Law, Industry, geographies, processes and people, we developed the IFC Tool.

Using high end technologies, we are able to eliminate the biggest cost of any IT Tool i.e. Licensing. Meaning, there is no user or location count wise cost in this Tool. After procurement, our clients can add as many users, locations, processes and controls to the database without any technical support.

This user friendly and easily adoptable Tool satisfies needs at all levels of an Organisation, be it Control owner, Senior management, Governance committees and Board of Directors.

Larger companies turn out to be among the biggest beneficiaries of initial IFC implementations. Below are few companies who also taking benefit of IFC Tool, and there are about 5~6 other clients to whom it has been pitched recently.

1. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC India). (Delhi)
2. Indraprastha Gas Limited. (New Delhi)
3. Torrent Power. (Ahmedabad)
4. HCL . (Noida)
5. Orient Electric, CK Birla Group . (New Delhi)
6. Petronet LNG. (New Delhi)
7. Marks & Spencer India. (Gurgaon DLF City)
8. Orient Cement, CK Birla Group. (Hyderabad)
9. HIL, CK Birla Group. (Hyderabad)
10. Avtec, CK Birla Group. (Dhar, Madhya Pradesh)
11. Birla Soft, CK Birla Group (Noida , Uttar Pradesh)
12. Orient Paper, CK Birla Group (Amlai, Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh)
13. Neosym Industry Limited, CK Birla Group (Pune, Maharashtra)
14. Usha International Limited, (Gurgaon, Haryana)
15. Daikin Air-conditioning India Private Limited, (Gurgaon, Haryana)
16. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, (Gurgaon, Haryana)
17. TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited, (New Delhi)
18. Gmmco, CK Birla Group (Chennai)

Wednesday 27 January 2016

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